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Barona's Bakery - 15842 Libby Road, Maple Hts., OH - (216) 662-8383.
Baraona's Bakery Daily Fare

We can't say enough about our signature cassata cake. Layers of sponge cake filled with custard and strawberries in a glaze iced in real whip cream.


Also the first thing that happens each day is fresh donuts (glaze, cake, long johns, custard, & jelly just to name a few)


Danish made daily (cheese, cherry, apple, apricot)

Cannoli - freshly filled daily with our own recipes of ricotta cheese, chocolate chips and hint of cinnamon.

Our cookie line is highlighted by our signature 7 layer cookie, almond macaroon, and assorted kolacky.

Our cake line offers a full line of butter cream iced cakes with a choice of our sweet wedding icing or less sweet french butter cream.
Cleveland Specialty Cakes & Wedding Cakes.
Baraona's Bakery - Maple Heights, Ohio - Cleveland